Change is here to stay, and personalized experiences are the standard.

The pace of change is accelerating. Now that customers are rewired for digital, their expectations for personalized experiences have intensified. But only 22% of surveyed business laggards are pursuing personalization initiatives using customer data versus 85% of business leaders. Businesses must create change at every level of their organization to compete in a digital-first economy — from embracing first-party data to increasing experience investment.
Join Adobe and a select group of industry thought leaders to discuss the challenges accelerated during the last two years. What has shown as the biggest growth opportunity? How do you materialize these opportunities and what are the biggest hurdles ahead? 



How has the shift in market demands and changes in your customers’ purchasing behavior challenged your strategy, business model and market position?

How have recent changes influenced the way you plan for future market convergence?

How can we understand the behavior of the new digital buyer? How can we address the new rules of engagement for the transition from physical to digital commerce?

Have you recently shifted to more digital selling, and how can digital self-service help you scale?


Peter Laub

Speaker 1

Customer Experience Evangelist at Adobe


Peter Laub has many years of experience in innovation, product management, consulting and strategy in the enterprise software industry. With Adobe, Peter assists enterprise customers transform their digital business. On his path, Peter has been involved in customer solutions within all industries - and helped them grow from as market leading global brands.



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