Growing a brand consistently over the years is a challenging task.

Marketing leaders need to Craft a customer-centric marketing strategy, and innovation must be built in the brand culture.

Content that is self-serving and shallow won’t cut it anymore. In an era of increasing personalization and finesse, marketing leaders need to utilize data analytics to create intelligent content that delights their target audience, speak to pain-points, foster click through from ideal customer profiles and provide true value.

Join our Digital Think Tank where we will discuss with Turtl challenges, ideas, and experiences…



How do you balance and connect brand and demand goals?

How do you bring your brand and message to the market with intelligent content?

How do you measure the impact of brand initiatives, and how do you bring this message to the C-suite / board with the right stats and story?

What innovations are you bringing into your team to ensure they are agile and effective, and how do you encourage a culture of innovation in your team?


Kate Terry

Speaker 1

Head of Marketing at Turtl


Kate Terry is a global marketer with experience in technology, legal, and consulting industries. With a research background in cognition and psychology, Kate enjoys bringing interdisciplinary insights together to help companies solve challenges. Kate leads the marketing team at Turtl, a content platform grounded in the psychology of reading and the belief that anyone should be able to create, publish, and measure high performance digital content, and speaks on the topics of demand generation, digital marketing, and content strategy.