It is no longer enough to just provide quality products. 

We now live in an era where customers expect unprecedented flexibility, convenience and seamless shopping / pickup experiences from companies who are eco conscious.

Companies are having to constantly innovate and find new ways to keep up with expectations and adapt to ever changing needs.

Join our Digital Think Tank to discuss…



How have the new generations impacted purchasing habits, and how are you managing to meet these expectations?

What logistical, location-based challenges have you experienced in both rural and condensed urban areas for your (food) deliveries, and what are you doing to overcome these challenges?

How can IoT be leveraged to improve your Omnichannel experience and what are the associated implementational / integrational challenges?

Expand your sales and not your footprint: How does sustainability factor into your decision making, and which areas are most important?


Ian Woozley

Speaker 1

Head of Supply Chain Solution Sales at Panasonic


Ian Woozley is Head of Supply Chain Solution Sales at Panasonic Connect Europe. He leads a team of business development professionals engaged in solving the most pressing operational needs of Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail customers across Europe through technology. His remit includes managing a comprehensive programme of customer engagements from enquiry through to delivery and service operation. He is also a central member of the team overseeing the joint value proposition with Blue Yonder in EMEA. Ian has been part of Panasonic’s B2B solutions business for over 10 years with previous roles in Japan and the US, including strategic planning and solution development roles at Panasonic’s Global Innovation Centre in Tokyo. He speaks Japanese ‘almost’ fluently. Ian believes strongly in the power of collaboration with customers and partners to overcome business challenges and generate better business outcomes. His team prides itself on spending the necessary productive time with customers to understand their issues deeply and deliver high quality solutions and a sustainable return to their business. Ian is from Wales and lives in Frankfurt, Germany