With HR teams bracing for a tidal wave of resignations in 2022 and reporting that finding new staff is harder now than before the pandemic hit, pressure to reduce the 'time to hire' has never been greater.

Background checking represents a significant proportion of the time taken in making offers to candidates and is becoming ever more complex.

Today's candidates want a fast and digital recruitment process - ideally with as little time-consuming admin as possible. Providing this can send profound cultural signals about your organisation, showing that you care about the experience of your people and the quality of your internal processes.



How did COVID-19 impact your long-term recruitment strategy and onboarding process?

How are you ensuring your employee onboarding experience is matching your competition, and what are the associated challenges?

Remote onboarding presents new challenges – how are you bridging the gap between HR & IT?

How can you leverage digitized data, automation, and machine learning to enable fast processing and strengthen the reliability of your onboarding process?


Steve O’Neil

Speaker 1

Independent background checking consultant at Zellis


With a 25-year-strong career in background checking, and as an expert in all matters data protection, Steve has designed and delivered complex background checking solutions across all sectors on a national, regional, and global basis. Since launching Security Watchdog in 1998, a leading global provider of pre-employment screening and criminal record checks which was acquired by Capita PLC in March of 2012, Steve has been heavily involved in the evolution of the Background Checking market and has been instrumental to the development of the majority of the screening standards prevalent today.



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