All banks, regardless of their size, geographical location, business model or digital ambition - have one goal in common: to increase revenue  

Learn how banks can turn prospects in retail & business banking into customers by creating seamless & hyper-personalized digital customer experiences, while also helping banks deliver differentiated product offerings and faster time-to-market across all channels.

We are moving into an era where banks will need to leverage SaaS in order to increase banking agility, create frictionless experiences for their customers & create products and modify business roles in days without touching the core.

Join our Digital Think Tank to discuss.



How can we holistically embrace technology, data, and services to create world class customer experiences?

How can banks bring more human touch to digital banking experiences that help build stronger customer emotional connections to improve loyalty and retention?

Which business goals would you address with a SaaS transformation?

How can we win customer relationships through digital banking, and give Tech Companies and FinTechs a run for their money?


Stewart Davies

Speaker 1

Commercial Director - SaaS, Europe at Temenos


With a strong passion of bringing the benefits of SaaS to financial services, Stewart Davies is the Commercial Director for the Temenos Banking Cloud in Europe. In this role Stewart works across Temenos to provide a solution ready to market which meets business objectives and also supports the FI’s and their regulatory obligations – whilst being commercial viable. This experience is built on 20 years of experience across global SaaS providers, software vendors, business process outsourcers and Tier 1 banks.



Temenos is a world-leading banking technology provider that delivers outstanding banking experiences to more than 1 billion customers all around the world. With a platform for business transformation, Temenos helps financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and reimagine the way that they engage with their customers through both, the digital and physical channels, creating a consistent and seamless experience. It’s digital banking without limits!