Security operations teams desperately need a simple way to successfully shift to the cloud

Limited visibility—due to shortcomings of legacy monitoring and security analytics technologies—handcuffs teams from making this crucial transition. Security professionals know the value of digital and cloud transformation, but the fear, complexity and mysteries of migrating critical infrastructure and tools make them understandably reluctant to start the journey. In striking a balance between risk mitigation and driving innovation, security leaders recognize that moving away from legacy solutions and to the cloud brings an array of benefits and opportunities, including improving cost efficiency, simplifying operational processes, and reducing staff burnout.

So, how do cloud-native technologies improve visibility for security teams? What are the challenges organizations face in their shift to the cloud? And why are business leaders reluctant to change?



What are the primary drivers of limited security visibility and how do cloud technologies remediate visibility challenges?

In this digital age, what are the benefits of moving to the cloud, and what are the associated challenges?

How can we equip our security Lieutenants with the correct technology and tools in order to reduce burnout and attrition, and keep critical talent in the business?


Nipun Gupta

Speaker 1

Cybersecurity Specialist at Devo


Nipun leads Devo’s product strategy and growth efforts in EMEA, and is based in London. Prior to joining Devo, he was the VP, Global Cyber Security Strategy & Innovation Lead at Deutsche Bank in the San Francisco Bay Area. He led the bank's cybersecurity technology transformation efforts and provided strategic guidance to source/implement early-stage solutions for challenges faced by the bank. Prior to this he worked for Deloitte where he co-founded and led their cyber innovation ecosystem strategy, working in partnership with VCs, accelerators and cutting edge security companies.