How do you keep up with the pace of change without overwhelming your organization?

Digital transformation in the finance sector has proven a bumpy road. Faced with the constantly evolving demands of the modern consumer and increasing disruption from rapidly emerging technologies, financial organizations are under more pressure than ever to adapt and innovate. In an already fast-paced industry, COVID-19 has further accelerated digital transformation.

Tremendous technological advances have impacted customer expectations. Now more than ever, customers are looking for a rich and meaningful experience when banking and banks are looking for compelling ways to remain relevant.



How can we use emerging technologies holistically to create relevant customer experiences?

How can organizations more effectively use the opportunities presented by data analytics and machine learning to create value?

Bridging the gap between business and IT to create a unified approach


Marcel Daoud

Speaker 1

Digital Engagement Specialist and Advisor at Temenos


Marcel brings a colorful bouquet of experience from the areas of digitalization in online payment as well as in digital banking to the table. He advises financial institutions on strategic transformations into a customer-centric and multi-channel future.



Temenos is a world-leading banking technology provider that delivers outstanding banking experiences to more than 1 billion customers all around the world. With a platform for business transformation, Temenos helps financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and reimagine the way that they engage with their customers through both, the digital and physical channels, creating a consistent and seamless experience. It’s digital banking without limits!