How do you keep up with the pace of change without overwhelming your organization?

As banks move to digitise their core banking platform, they need to consider how quickly they want to bring about change and understand the implications of their modernisation journey.

The discussion of whether to replace, augment, re-factor or re-platform the core is complex. Every bank is different, a one-size-fits-all approach is impractical. Analysing different impacting areas of the business is a safer approach. Banks need to look at their current infrastructure, market dynamics, customer needs and organisational capabilities.



How has Covid-19 impacted your near and long-term strategies and timelines in Digital Transformation? For 2021, have your IT investment priorities changed because of COVID?

Have the operational challenges of supporting remote-working staff and much more online customer servicing/interactions actually accelerated plans for digitalisation of operations and customer service?

How will systems need to change in order to support shorter innovation cycles and reduce operating margins? Banks are adapting to the new normal – how will that change your product portfolio? (e.g Lending) What challenges do you see accompanying this?


Cormac Flangan

Speaker 1

Product Director - Technology at Temenos


Cormac is the Product Director for the Temenos Transact enterprise banking product providing solutions for retail, corporate, payments, treasury and risk business areas. Cormac has over thirty years experience in the banking software industry in various roles from software development, professional services, startup founder to product management.



Temenos is a world-leading banking technology provider that delivers outstanding banking experiences to more than 1 billion customers all around the world. With a platform for business transformation, Temenos helps financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and reimagine the way that they engage with their customers through both, the digital and physical channels, creating a consistent and seamless experience. It’s digital banking without limits!