Are you ready for the second payments revolution?

The payments landscape is shifting now more than ever.

Though payment has taken on many forms over the millennia, it has only seen such lightning-fast change in recent years. Volume is increasing, regulation and compliance are on the rise, new and disruptive technologies are emerging rapidly, and now COVID-19 has further accelerated payment transformation.

Not only do financial organisations need to transform at a startling pace, they also have to consider the long-term implications of their strategies and ensure their infrastructure is fit and ready for challenges on the horizon.



How has COVID-19 impacted your long-term strategies in payments processing, products and capabilities?

What are the key themes and priorities driving your payments capability strategy?

Where are the growth opportunities in payments for your business?


Ali Mentesh

Speaker 1

Business Development at Temenos


Ali Mentesh is responsible for the business development of Temenos’ unique payment product offering. Since joining Temenos in 2018, he has spearheaded Temenos’ engagement with the payments sector including new entrants, challengers, traditional banks, aggregators and infrastructure providers to drive awareness of the ongoing changes to the payments eco-system and how Temenos can support their success. Ali has over 20 years of experience in the payments sector including regional roles across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.



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