Where are you in your automation journey?

Emerging technologies like intelligent automation, AI, ML have given rise to robust and nimble solutions that identify evolving customer expectations and provide effective solutions. Banks will have to re-strategize by assessing their risks, gauging existing core platforms’ sustainability, aligning business priorities, etc.

It’s time to reshape your digital journey and streamline processes with intelligent automation and cognitive technologies. As the global pandemic put pressure on banks to improve digital execution, create relevant product lines and drive a lean operation. The battle to meet these needs at scale cannot be met with traditional resources.

The barrier to a bank evaluating, adopting, and scaling Intelligent Automation has been decreasing year on year. Leading industry analysts consider adopting automation services a ‘condition for survival’ citing the need to reduce the need to perpetually hire low skilled work and improve consistency and speed of customer service.

While ascending the digital route, it is important to know the potential as well as the limitations of AI. The technology is not a replacement for employees but a tool to amplify and make the business future ready.



How can intelligent automation add value to your business?

How is AI transforming risk management?

What are the main challenges faced when automating processes, and what are the main steps you have taken to overcome these challenges?


Rob Curley

Speaker 1

Regional Sales Director - Enterprise Sales at Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere

Rob Curley has spent 10 years helping global businesses to transform their customer service and improve operational efficiencies. Having spent the majority of his career evangelising the agility and innovation cloud technologies can provide, Rob is well positioned to talk about trends and opportunities in the UK banking market.


Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), empowering customers to automate end-to-end business processes with software bots that perform repetitive and manual tasks, resulting in dramatic productivity gains and business resiliency with less than one-year payback, on average. The company offers the industry’s leading web-based and cloud-native intelligent automation platform combining RPA, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics right out of the box, to help organizations rapidly start and scale their process automation journey. Its Bot Store is the world's first and largest marketplace with more than 1,000 pre-built, intelligent automation solutions. With a global network of 2,000 partners, Automation Anywhere has deployed over 2.4 million bots to support some of the world’s largest enterprises across all industries. For additional information, visit www.automationanywhere.com.