Customers want relevant content at a time that suits them while teams want the flexibility to deliver those tailored experiences. 

With a flexible, cloud-native platform that marketers and developers can use simultaneously, you can keep the content flowing so your customers keep coming back for more.  

A digital foundation starts with the right CMS but how do you unlock the power of your content and ensure that the right messaging is connecting to the right audience? How do you achieve this at scale to ensure productivity and accuracy for all? 

When content is stored in different systems and a simple edit takes days instead of minutes, the customer experience can slip —and so does your competitive edge.

To stay ahead in 2023, you need to be able to quickly create, access and reuse content. You also need an easy way to publish content to all channels, measure experiences and be able to personalise them at scale – but how?   

Join Adobe and a select group of industry thought leaders to understand how marketers are providing better insights to their customers by utilising transformational CMS to access content and the tools to do what they do best.  



What steps are you taking to ensure that the content you create meets customer needs at a time that suits them?

How are you publishing content to all digital channels and measuring experiences?

What is the future of content experience for your company?


Joshua Young

Speaker 1

Customer Experience Evangelist at Adobe


I am a Digital Marketing Evangelist specialized in Content Velocity. Being an evangelist in the digital marketing business has been crucial to my career growth. I have spoken at conferences in Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai, Chicago, NYC, LA, Paris, London, and Copenhagen. The topics have ranged from specific industry strategy to detailed case studies for large scale digital marketing transformations. I have worked with digital transformation projects in different industries, channel and across the world: US (travel and hospitality, B2B), Switzerland (luxury), France (luxury), Australia (consumer product goods), Denmark (B2B), and UK (B2B Tech Hardware) as examples.



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