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How can you gain real time visibility and transparency for you and your supply chain partners when transporting goods by road? What are the associated challenges?

What security challenges are you facing when transporting goods, and what steps are you taking to remediate these challenges?

How do you leverage data and draw actionable insights to enhance supply chain resiliency and reduce costs?

How do you connect supply chain visibility to the executive strategy, operational and financial plans?


Ian Clark

Speaker 1

Chief Technology Officer at Atamai Freight

Atamai Freight

Ian Clark is the Chief Technology Officer within the Fujitsu Customs and Trade business, which includes solutions developed by Digital Trader Services. Ian has been deeply involved in trade, supply chain logistics, border management, and customs across both the private and public sectors. Ian has considerable experience in using data and technology to help support organisations improve supply chain visibility and security.


Atamai Freight

Atamai Freight has been developed by Digital Trader Services through a group of experts in digital technology: Fujitsu, Entopy, B4B, and ubloquity. The solution helps businesses to realise significant supply chain benefits, such as increased visibility of consignments, load integrity assurance, load security and efficiency of goods movement. The combination of GPS, smart seals and blockchain technology are used to provide real-time data, that is made visible on an online platform accessible to all partners within the supply chain. This introduces new levels of collaboration.