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How do you consider the people, process, and technology elements – when creating your personalization strategy?

How can Composable Commerce have a positive impact on your organization, and help you achieve your Ecommerce goals?

B2C Commerce vs Self-Service: Which serves your customers best and why?


Marion Freijsen

Speaker 1

Strategic Business Advisor, Commerce Strategy, EMEA at Adobe Experience

Adobe Experience

Responsible for leadership and guidance in developing, deploying, and managing complex e-commerce offerings in a global market. Ensuring deep understanding of client business goals and objectives, and translation of these to optimise the implementation and customisation of platforms and tools. Using my 15 year experience as a COO/CIO in ecommerce environments, I will serve as a liason between our client and our delivery organization. My goal in each engagement is to ensure the best result for both parties aligning with the clients' short- and long-term strategy.


Adobe Experience

Adobe Experience Cloud helps companies deliver consistent, continuous and compelling experiences in real-time across customer touchpoints and channels—all while accelerating business growth.