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How can you reduce risk by prioritizing the important fixes and automating the rest?

What challenges have you faced around lack of visibility, and how did you overcome these challenges?

How can you get the visibility and context you need to support your team and improve the bottom line?

How do you drive innovation within your security team?


Andy Schneider

Speaker 1

Field CISO EMEA at Lacework


Andy Schneider, born and raised in Munich, entered Cyber Security at an early stage in 2000 in a regional bank. The last 10 years he held several CISO positions, always aiming to make Cyber Security more agile, user focused and embed security by design into digital products. He currently acts as the Field CISO EMEA of Lacework and is also advisor for TX Ventures and different security startups. He lives with his wife and two sons in Zurich, Switzerland.



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