It has never been harder to survive, let alone succeed in this rapidly evolving environment. 

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What is HR’s role in building the organization of the future, and where will HR fit in the big picture?

What role will HR Technology play by 2030?

How can you create a flexible and magnetic workforce?

What can organizations do to help boost financial wellbeing amongst their employees and optimize staff performance and retention?


James King

Speaker 1

Strategic Account Director at Zellis


Aside from a brief stint in CX, James has worked in the HR and Payroll field since 1994. The majority of this time was in implementation of solutions across numerous sizes of organisation and sectors. James’ motivation is in helping employees to have a better experience with their HR and Payroll interactions and for business leaders to understand how to manage their employees better.



Zellis is the leading provider of payroll and HR solutions for UK and Ireland, supporting enterprise-level organisations with over 1,000 employees in the public and private sectors. With over 50 years of industry experience and over 900 customers, including 24% of the FTSE 100, we have the knowledge, people, and technology to support even the most complex of payroll and HR operations. At Zellis, we focus strongly on building successful and trusting partnerships with our customers. We help deliver strong business outcomes, provide modern and intuitive digital experiences through our solutions, and ensure every employee feels appreciated for the work they do. In other words, we help organisations become more engaged, empowered, and efficient.