Contact centres witnessed an increase of 300% more calls than usual during the early stages of the pandemic, expanding the importance of this ready-to-serve requirement. Omnichannel consumption increased by 50%. And customers expect an instant response and quality service across every touchpoint.

Customer experience leaders strive to ensure their contact centre meets and exceeds these customer expectations. It’s imperative that customer service agents can solve problems as fast as possible and in real-time.

Managing voice interactions is expensive – and every second counts. If a customer service agent, working in partnership with a digital assistant can solve a customer issue in 20 seconds versus 40 seconds, your contact centre can afford to double case capacity.

Digital partnership, or Virtual agents are the key to scaling service capacity, resolving cases end-to-end with chatbots or interactive voice response (IVR) bots as your first line of resolution and, hopefully, on the first customer call.

And, of course, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are game changers for contact centre interactions, as they can understand a customer’s sentiment right out of the gate and can have the best course of actions charted out for them.

Digital assistants and bots will never replace humans. They will eliminate the “please hold” contact centre culture and transform your customers’ experience.



How do you achieve a productive and happy contact centre workforce, working in partnership with digital assistants?

How can intelligent automation and AI add value to your contact centre?

What might be the main challenges when you recruit digital assistants and how could you overcome these?


Nicky Jones

Speaker 1

Next Gen Regional Director at Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere

With 20 years of experience in technology, including working with brands like Microsoft and Citrix, Nicky is one of the regional leaders at Automation Anywhere in UK & Ireland. She is truly passionate about Digital Transformation & Customer Experience projects, along with running and spending time with her family. Since her time at Citrix, Nicky, supports WITT (Women in Telecom & Technology), The Prince’s Trust and many other initiatives in the UK & Ireland.


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