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Who we are

Ulterior is an educational organization; a product of digitization, disruption and the need for collaborating in today’s business world. We bring together carefully orchestrated groups of decision makers from target accounts to join thought leaders from technology companies for private, business-oriented discussions.

We have successfully served as a catalyst within the business community, both helping our clients to establish meaningful relationships and generate new leads; and have also helped hundreds of senior executives learn from their peers, validate ideas and find the solutions they have been looking for.

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It has never been harder to survive, let alone succeed in this rapidly evolving environment. Ulterior’s virtual platform ‘Digital Think Tank’ is a powerful engagement platform tool designed to connect executives that are faced with the same pain points and challenges. Here we facilitate the migration of knowledge from expert to expert and industry to industry, as well as introduce pinnacle solutions based on each individual’s needs.

Requested to be re-invited
Sponsor follow up rate
C-level network globally




A very select, focused group of peers

  • 5 thought leaders
  • 1 solutions expert
  • 1 in-house moderator


We make sure to tailor the content around you

  • 1 Theme
  • 3 In-house topics
  • 5 Attendee questions


Cost & time effective, connect from anywhere

  • 90 minutes
  • Secure platform
  • No time out of the office


Distinguish yourself, gain a competitive advantage

  • Actionable insight
  • Reduce risk
  • Discover solutions


What they are saying about us

Ulterior put a lot of thought and effort into maximizing value for all parties and it absolutely paid off. If you are challenges around digital transformation or are in the market to learn from your peers, I highly recommend Ulterior.

Aaron Rinehart

Aaron Rinehart


Ulterior have consistently delivered stellar quality. Via Digital Think Tank, we have met many ideally suited decision makers and generated exciting opportunities as a result.

Melanie Hill

Melanie Hill

CMO at Zellis

Engagement with Ulterior this past 6-9 months has been both an honour and a pleasure. Digital Think Tanks have been executed to the highest standard, each time introducing us to new, Senior Stakeholders. Follow up is always efficient, and we have a great many opportunities in pipe which we are following up on.

Nicky Jones

Nicky Jones

Next Gen Sales Director, Europe at Automation Anywhere